The Garden of My Life

Here is a piece by a participant from the 3-week Succulent Words Writing Workshop. The writing exercise this came from was to imagine yourself as a tree, and to write about your community in that light.

The Garden of My Life

In the Garden of My life I am one of those city cherry blossoms that you gaze as you walk around Hayes Valley, trees that were freshly planted but were never new. Like those trees, I always felt like I had different lives and in different settings. Trees that are supported by manly created wooden structures, not so organic as other lets admit it, but so freaking eager to get grounded and to give love to those around them.

Because I mean those trees are being planted to give beauty and love to those who dare to be disrupted by the present moment, maybe in a very urban and ironic way. But hey! They are landscaping and when you, human beings, feel quite lost in the cold, grey & constant changing weather of San Francisco, if you are aware enough to find one of those middle sized, pretty handicapped trees, you would smile. 
I feel supported mechanically, a little by my own invention, a little by the creation of the cosmos. I look up to other trees that have deep roots that go as deep as to the earth´s center. But I am not one of them, and its Ok. I am one more like a Boddhistava, renounced to that level of comfort and drifted away from home – to find another home every once in a while – and maybe someday will fly away.

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